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                                                                                    Last updated 03rd June 2016

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DEEP FRIED BANANAS               

ARE:- A Four Piece Rock Band, Who are......

 MAL Bass and Vocals. Uses a Tanglewood viola bass, and a Ashdown bass amp.
SM58 mic.
Starting playing whilst at school back in the 60's!!
and just love playing guitar, that includes 6 string lead, rhythm and bass...
Played with Retro for over a decade.
PETE Lead Guitar and some Vocals, uses a Gibson SG
CHRIS Drums and percussion and occasional Vocals. Premier drum kit and Zildjian
Claire Vocals


We have now been joined by Claire who has performing arts experience and qualifications.
Rehearsals have started and we are now working towards getting gig ready.... and the photos will
be updated as soon as I can.

Available for Private functions as well as Clubs and pubs, if you would like to book us drop me
an email (just click on the icon to the left) and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

A Potted History...

We have been together since October 2008, and are always rehearsing for gigs,
we get together at least once a week maybe twice depending on our work schedule.
Chris was first on the scene (was in Mellowdrama) after various bodies left the band
they had at the time, and  again after a few changes of bodies I joined jan 2008.
I have played in a few bands in my time but the longest in a band was with Retro, and we managed
to keep that going for just over ten years, and it only fell apart when illness to a band member became
to much, but I have gigged in various towns in the local area in pubs, clubs and the Weymouth Pavilion
on a few occasions.
Pete joine the team a couple of years ago and has been playing for years but this is his first band he has played with.
Claire is the latest to join and we have now started the rehearsals in earnest.
If you know of a venue that would like us please let me know (email on the left hand side).
We are constantly trying to bring in new songs and are working (slowly) on our own material, and hopefully new
venues to play at. One of our future projects in to cut our own CD with all our own music (an ambition of mine) and to
produce and market them, but we all know that we are a bit old for a 'boy band' but really enjoy our music and hope
that it comes through in our performances on stage.

A BIG Thank you to Fyffes who have donated some inflatable bananas to us (pictures as soon as I can)



HOT NEWS... Getting phone calls for gigs.....

Post Gig News   

The Wyke Smugglers

Nice to play in a new venue for us and have some decent weather. We arrived a couple of hours before our start time to a rather
full pub, eating, drinking and watching the tv, so we had to ask a couple of tables to kindly move so we could start to get the gear
and set up. We managed to get things all up and running and got a good sound check with good feedback in good time.
Good to see some familiar faces and of course new ones and even managed to get some up and dancing in a rather small dance
area. Twas a bit warm, hopefully summer is getting closer, and the coldness is now behind us.
As normal, the first set was about an hour long, and during the break I handed out the now traditional, the little sweet bananas.
The second set (always a more up beat one) we put in our new tune, which seemed to ge well, in fact the whole gig was a good one.
We did have a bit of feedback but got that sorted and for some reason my guitar started a bit of buzzing, note to self - check it out...
Hope to be back soon.



Centenary Club

This was the first time that we (Deep Fried Bananas) have had the chance to play here (I have played before with
another band), so a new experience for most of the band. We also employed a new piece of equipment for the
vocals (a pre-amplifier) which seemed to work well. A bit chilly to start with but the venue was nice a warm, in
fact we had to get the radiator turned off for Chris as it was right on his back... Setting up took the normal amount
of time with everybody doing there thing as we managed a sound check and it all sounded good. Only slight
'tweaking' during the gig but it was a good set up. I did think that we had over catered as Julie seemed to be
catering for the 5000, however most of it went so not too bad (just wonder who is eating all the sausage rolls today)
It was good to see so many turn up, but as always some couldn't due to one reason or another so maybe next time guys?
and to see all the kids enjoying themselves and playing air guitar... a budding musician possibly...
We did our first full set and gave the chance for a special guest to do a couple of solo songs before we did our second
curtailed set... it seems we now have lots of songs to play and have plenty, so were able to pick and chose a bit.
I only managed to get one photo (now on our facebook page) but if anybody did manage to get some please let me know.
It would be nice to play there again, maybe time will tell..



The Clifton Hotel (Portland)

This was our first gig at The Clifton Hotel so we got there nice and early, a bit of a surprise to the 'management'
but we wanted to make sure that we got the sound good as we were using a new powered foldback for us.
This also gave Chris the chance to get some food, as The Clifton do some great nosh.
Being an old skittle alley, it took a little while to get the sound right, and I had to turn a few things down on
my amplifier as it was very boooooomy to start with and we were just about on the edge of feeding back
on the vocals but as the venue filled up it changed again. The joys of sound.
Fortunately the bad weather came in during the early hours of the following morning (yep woke me up) so
we didn't get wet and only needed a light top as it was quite warm (or was the the exercise that I did?)
Must say a huge thanks to all our fans, friends and families that turned up to support us, it is appreciated.
Yet another new song in the set, this one 'Titanium' sounded great as far as I was concerned, and looking
at the video's (Thanks to Kate and Heidi) it sounded good out front too. I have uploaded some to our
Facebook page and it looks as if there is at least one which may be uploaded to Youtube.
Even though there was a lot of bodies there, it still took them until the second set before they got up and
started dancing, but once they did, the others also did to.
We managed to do a full two sets, just over an hour for the first and a good hour and 20ish mins for the second.
May have to learn a wurzels song if we get asked back again.
We enjoyed it, hope you did to.




The Old Ship (Upwey)

For a change, a sunny warm day/evening in March!! so we managed to get there early in the afternoon to
unload and set all the equipment up, and it gave us a chance to 'play' with the PA for a while. We eventually
went back to our old configuration with the one 1000w amp, but still not quite working to satisfaction but ok
for the gig.... lots of vocals out front and good reports from all we asked.
We started just before 2000 and there were already quite a few there, not that they got up to dance until
later, but the children seemed to enjoy the chance to get down on the dance floor...
Quite a short first set for us, to give the time for the food to turn up and it was really good to see the reaction
of our guitarists relatives when he went into the lead of 'Brick in the Wall' and the appreciation that they showed
on completion of that lead. After a suitable break for food etc we went on for our second set, but this time with
a bit of a difference, the birthday girl got up and sang with us and a tune that was a first for us - it went down a
storm, so well in fact, we did it to finish off the evening... it may now have to be in our normal set list.
The second set again a couple of firsts for us, some new tunes including Daft Punk... and we even managed to
play ALL of the songs that we have got in our second set.... a one and 3/4 hour set. A great night and we hope
to be invited back again soon.. spread the word.



The Old Ship (Dorchester)

Again some first's for us, not our first gig this time at The Old Ship but the first with a DJ straight after
our second set. This was good and bad, great as a lot stayed on after us and just kept on dancing
but it did mean less space on stage for our gear (a bit cramped whilst playing).
As this is a later start to our norm, we got there a little later but got the gear in and started setting up
on the stage (it is good to play on a stage) and managed to get all our gear apart from the speakers
and lights, which were placed just in front.
We did our normal sound check (after discovering a broken lead), a bit different as one speaker
facing out almost straight and the other facing more down the room.
The lights were placed just above one of the speaker and faced just above our faces which illuminated the full stage
very well. It was good that we set up early as the a lot of people came in closer to our start time.
Surprisingly it only took a couple of songs before the first started to dance and the just kept
on and on... good to see. At half time I passed out the sweet bananas with different reactions that
I got from those new to the idea of a band giving stuff out for free... but this time as I am also doing
Movember this year, I did ask if anybody would like to sponsor me and a big thank you to those
that did .... I have updated the Mo site.
From those that we managed to talk to, you all seemed to enjoy the gig and so did we. It is
always good to get some reaction from the crowd and in turn we react to that.
Hope to see you all next time.




The Park

Rain during the day and the threat of rain was enough to put a lot from
going out and when we started, there was a few spare spaces about.
All was set up and ready to go for our due start time, but we just ran out
of time for a sound check, thus during the first song I had to up the vocals
just a little bit to get the sound about correct.
So hard work during the first set this time round, but the second set was a
much better feeling and we got them up and dancing. Our first outing of
'Love Shack' went down very well, so all that practice paid off.
Yes I did manage to get some recording done and once I have checked them
out, will see if they can be used for either the website or indeed go towards
a CD...

Keep an eye on the website, facebook page and local papers.




Gig on the Green (well inside anyway)

The wind were a blowing a little bit too much, so the tent didn't make it. The forecast was for high wing
with the possibility of the wet stuff... However the wet stuff stayed away until almost the very end.
So we set up in the restaurant area, along with all the food and drink and stuff... (all party type food too)
Again we couldn't seen to get the foldbacks working too well, don't know why but we could hear the main PA,
so all was not lost. We managed to set up after moving various bits from the corner for us to play in, and
started our first set after a quick sound check with 'Gold Fish Bowl'. The sound out front was very good
and I managed to record the whole gig via my digital recorder, so hopefully we will have at least a
demo cd ready very soon. I intend also recording our next gig at the Park too, so I can take the best from
both recordings for a good cd and hopefully one to take to gigs too.
We did cut the first set down by a couple of songs, which we thought not appropriate for the younger
audience, you never know what the young ears will repeat at the worst time...
We then let Nicky say a few words before Captain Stupid went on for forty mins before the raffle
(yep I did win something, my grandson got it...) and then our second set for about 30 mins.
It was a very good party with the younger generation getting rid of the boundless energy they have.
The bouncy castle went down well (not for us) and I think we kept the more mature ones toe tapping
and even dancing (we have photographic evidence. Good fun all round and a bottle of nice wine to boot.




Music in a Marquee/Tunes in a Tent....

Initially there was a bit of confusion with the place to put the gear, but after that was sorted we managed
to get all the gear in and do a sound check before the due start time......  and looking at the clouds....
yep we got some rain but fortunately not much, as the Marquee was not covered on the seaward side,
which was great for all of those on the beach , as they could see and hear us ok.
As the tent filled up it became a bit awkward to get the volume of the vocals perfect, but I think we
just about managed....  and the occasional whistle!!   apparently you could hear the bass fine in the bar!!!!
It was rather busy, the bbq was doing a great job and the que was rather long but that did give most
the chance of getting a bit closer to us...  We changed the sets a bit for this gig and started with
Bohemian Like You, and also included a couple of new songs, even up to date ones.... with
Please Don't Leave Me by Pink, and Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon.
I know there were quite a few taking photos again this time and when I get them I will upload the good ones
but not sure how many videos were taken this time as access into the Marquee was a bit awkward with so
many bodies all over the place, but again when I get them, they will be uploaded to YouTube (links on the
Songs Page) for all to enjoy.
Towards the end of the gig whilst it was getting dark, I turned on my t-shirt again and it look rather good
as there was no lighting in the tent, but we did have our own lights for the music.... this was a bit of a pain
for breaking all the gear down, but we managed...
We also had some very nice comments and we gave out a few of our cards.
Again it was nice to see so many familiar faces, thanks for the support..






An animation of a turtle playing the guitar

Comments received from various sources

Wwoooooooowwwwwwwww wot a night great band great guitar playing excelent. 
pub was packed if i owned a pub/club i would book u fantastic.

Fantastic night, couldnt move in the pub it was packed thank u 4 a great night wouldnt have missed it.

You guys sound awesome I love your cover of Who Knew


You do sound really good


Sounding good, keep on rocking!.


Way to GO!! I liked it.


sounds her voice

Sounds really good!



Wow I like it...good voice and the instruments too


‘Sex On Fire’

better version than indie whiners


....I want more


Good song and very well done!